HI! I am Heike a passionate Designer (Sr. Art Director) with 13+ years of experience working at Amazon and in Digital Agencies (Serviceplan Group). Leading strategic custom campaigns, and implementing mechanisms and processes to scale team. Proven track record with above-average results across EMEA in consecutive years in designing and executing campaigns (+$700K for single campaign) amongst Forbes 100 companies like Samsung, Microsoft, Disney, P&G, Philips, Rituals, or Lego. I have worked with 300+ brands creating intuitive and engaging solutions, my e-commerce background from Amazon together with 
a data-driven decision making helped me ensuring seamless and delightful customer journeys across all touchpoints. I work backwards from goals and customer needs which earned me several top ratings, appointments to virtually lead teams (+45 hiring interviews), got appointed to lead the largest vertical in Amazon Germany covering most strategic brands and job level promotions.