Consumers are often overwhelmed when purchasing a laptop. When consumers search for „laptop“ on Amazon they get 1.000+ search results, and from initial search to final purchase it takes them an average of 11-12 days and then only 1 out of 4 makes a purchase. Amazon together with Intel and Micosoft wanted to change that.

Helping customers closing the gap between the desire to buy a laptop and feeling confident with their purchase. I invented an interactive PC-Finder that will hold the hand of the customer and ask the right questions before making an educated product recommendation. I also focused on raising the bar on page aesthetics and UX. This solution enables the customers to find the right laptop based on their personal needs. Easy, fun and fast to use. 

The user is asked several short questions about what they are using the laptop for. With the help of a learned swipe mechanism, the user can easily answer many questions in a very short time. Swipe right for I agree with the statement, swipe left for I disagree with the question. The complete UX is mainly designed for mobile devices, as this is where most users, over 70%, use Amazon.


This is fascinating ... (…). Very cool –
I could see this idea applied to monitors and TV’s having just purchased one of each. Shopping for these products is very challenging. Can we make available in other countries?

Paul Kotas, svp at amazon.com

I reinvented the way we ask consumers what they want. Intel and Microsoft loved the PC-Finder. We roled this out in EU5, US and Canada. After 3 years, the tool is still live and is constantly being improved using the data obtained.
Start rate of the tool were 3 percent points higher vs. benchmarks and the completionrate was 13 percent points higher vs. benchmarks. PC-Finder ASINs are selling 62% above the average selling price in the laptop category, with a 50% higher conversion rate.